Think.Health invests as a boutique risk-taker in healthcare ventures. We continuously seek innovations and disruptive business models in digital healthcare, medical technologies and health service providers.

Our Approach

We believe healthcare as a persistent megatrend will transform our way of life and create numerous opportunities for new business models and groundbreaking ventures.

Think.Health Approach

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We typically invest in early stage ventures and growth opportunities ranging from €500k to €10m.

Think.Health Support

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We are an active and hands-on investor and provide strong support to our management teams.

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We enable our portfolio companies through using our extensive network.

Think.Health Advice and Coaching

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Additionally we provide advice and coaching by experienced industry experts and professionals.


Our team combines in-depth healthcare industry know-how with excellent investment expertise.

Florian Kainzinger

Dr. Florian Kainzinger

Managing Partner & Founder

Florian Kainzinger has more than 17 years of experience in health care management positions. He was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Labor Berlin between 2011 and 2015 with responsibility for more than 500 employees on 12 sites in Berlin. Prior to joining the lab organization of Charité and Vivantes, Florian used to work for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, serving hospitals and pharmaceutical clients in Germany and Europe.

Michael Ruoff

Dr. Michael Ruoff


Michael Ruoff has been working as lawyer and partner in international lawfirms and as inhouse counsel in in the private equity industry for more than 17 years. His experience ranges from small venture capital investments to mid-market leveraged buy-outs and distressed M&A transactions. His track record lists over 50 successful M&A and investment transactions. Michael is admitted to the bar of Munich and practices as a German lawyer.

Nils Bottler

Nils Bottler

Venture Partner

Nils Bottler has been investing in start-ups and offering operative support through his involvement in incubators, accelerators and corporate venture capital units gaining more than 7 years experience in the field. Prior to this he worked in the M&A department of a boutique private bank in Hamburg and completed an MBA at the University of Cambridge.


We continuously look for new opportunities to expand our existing venture portfolio.


Investment Year: 2016

M-Sense is a certified medical app that offers a personalised digital assistant to help with migraines and headaches. The incorporation of medical guidelines helps predict attacks and offer in-app therapy methods reduce severity and prevent reoccurrences.


Investment Year: 2017

Endodont is the inventor of innovative products and procedures for the dentistry field. The first solution offered will increase the success rate of root canal fillings while decreasing treatment time significantly.


Investment Year: 2017

Smarterials develops Surgical Gloves for enhanced protection. With double barrier and marker functionality, the new gloves replace current double-gloving solutions, help prevent infections and save costs and resources.


Investment Year: 2018

Selfapy develops online therapy programs which offer immediate access to care for people with mental health disorders. Digital courses are combined with the constant support of psychologists to help users improve their well-being and tackle depression, anxiety, stress or eating disorders.


Investment Year: 2018

Inflammatix develops rapid molecular diagnostic tests that read the immune system. Its HostDx Fever and Host Sepsis tests will address significant unmet clinical needs diagnosing acute infections and sepsis.

First Light Diagnostics

Investment Year: 2018

First Light Diagnostics develops innovative diagnostic products for rapid, sensitive and cost-saving detection of life-threatening infections. The tests detect and identify infectious agents and determine effective therapy, combating the spread of antibiotic resistance.


Investment Year: 2018

Myo is a messenger platform initially targeted to streamline the communication in elderly care. The platform connects care givers to relatives of residents and makes use of classic messenger elements as well as transactional services.


Investment Year: 2019

Cantourage develops new ideas and concepts to further advance the medical cannabis market in Germany. The goal is to help patients and to provide access to medical cannabis therapy to as many people as possible.

Vara Healthcare

Investment Year: 2020

Vara is a workflow optimization software platform for outpatient radiology centers. The first indication is breast cancer screening, where CE-certified artificial intelligence can sort out normal cases and automate reporting, relieving the radiologists of repetitive work.


Investment Year: 2020

Spindiag is developing a point-of-care diagnostic system based on a proprietary microfluidic technology researched at the Hahn-Schickard Institute. The system offers as a safe, simple and efficient rapid test for a wide range of infectious diseases.


Investment Year: 2022

anvajo is the developer and manufacturer of "fluidlab", an innovative platform solution for point-of-care-testing, providing solutions for veterinarians, scientists and medical professionals.


Investment Year: 2022

Navignostics is developing innovative solutions to identify the best possible treatment for each cancer patient. The company provides services to pharmaceutical companies to accelerate cancer drug development and contribute to companion diagnostic development.


Our track record


Urban Sports Club

Investment Year: 2015
Exit: Secondary transaction

The Urban Sports Club provides access to the best fitness studios, sports classes and health activities in an extensive network of partner facilities – all in one membership. Enjoy yoga, pilates, swimming, functional training and a lot more in many cities throughout Germany.


Investment Year: 2015
Exit: Acquired by Aurora Cannabis

Pedanios is the first pan-european supplier for specialized medical cannabis therapy. They provide a diverse range of specialized products from multi-national sources and add individualized expertise on medical marijuana.


Investment Year: 2016

HyHelp provides a unique and innovative tool for hygiene management in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. HyHelp´s device helps doctors and nurses to boost hand hygiene, prevent nosocomial infections and improve patient safety.


Investment Year: 2016
Exit: Acquired by Pflegix

HelloCare provides senior home care services from professional care givers who are dedicated to professionally supporting senior citizens and their family relatives. Services are offered for private households, hospitals and insurance companies.


Investment Year: 2017
Exit: Acquired by Equistone Partners

Omnicare is a pharmaceutical wholesaler that distributes medicinal products to pharmacies for the patient-specific production of cancer drugs. Further offerings include services in quality assurance, monitoring cleanroom hygiene and the training and development of specialist staff.


Investment Year: 2016
Exit: Secondary transaction

Caspar Health is the first digital therapy assistant, developed by an interdisciplinary team for therapists and their patients. It provides 24/7 unique communication and monitoring tools around individual therapies and rehabilitation medicine.


Investment Year: 2018
Exit: Secondary transaction

PreOmics develops and sells innovative technologies and tools for sample preparation for mass spectrometer-based protein analysis. Using PreOmics’ products, results can be achieved faster, easier and more robust in comparison to conventional methods.


We maintain strong relationships with a number of individual investors and family offices, who invest alongside with us and thereby leverage our investment capabilities.

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